The true measure of our success will be the number of people
touched and transformed by our success”

– Angela Ahrendts –

Dr. Fred van der Riet
Integrative Doctor

Our Integrative Doctor doesn’t just focus on treating the problem area. He works to restore the entire physiology of the body, so that the natural immune system is optimized and the body functions better as a whole in order to heal itself.

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Marita van der Riet
Clinical Psychologist

We provide our patients and their care-givers with individual and group therapy sessions facilitated by our clinical psychologist.

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Treska Botha
Head of Nursing

Our dedicated nursing professionals are highly trained and skilled to support patients throughout their program and assist with all treatment protocols.

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Our integrative medical team practice trusted
protocols and procedures that are supervised
by a well-established, highly credible medical board.

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