“Our goal is to lovingly provide our patients and their caregivers with a customised, transparent
treatment and support program that meets their specific needs and enables them to transition
seamlessly though our multi-disciplinary service offering with peace of mind (and heart).”
– CEO –

At Hummingbird Healing Centre, we consciously bring two, complimentary healing forces
together in order to provide our patients with the best possible chance to restore their bodies
back to perfect health, naturally and holistically.

Our groundbreaking ‘I DO – WE DO’ intervention model
sets us apart from the conventional medical industry



We don’t just treat the symptoms of a disease, we address the root cause of it.
This wonderful, natural, holistic, integrative approach to healing attracts people who recognise the essential role
they can (and should) play in their healing process whilst seeking expert medical care from qualified practitioners.

The vital combination of self-healing and functional medicine is ushering in a new era
in the medical industry.

It is best suited to those who intuitively know that drugs and chemicals are not the only answer
to sickness and disease.

Our goal is to awaken the inner physician,
and enable the natural immune system to work optimally. This mind/body approach requires lifestyle healing
and transformation.

Although it doesn’t feel like it, sickness is a gift. It gives one the chance to make essential changes in life,
to start living in harmony with the natural laws, to restore work / life balance, and to discover one’s true-self.

If these words ring true for you, then come to Hummingbird Healing Centre
and you’ll find what you need to heal your body.

Integrative healing with loving care

©Hummingbird Healing Centre, South Africa.

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