Striving to bring comfort and encouragement, to make the environment a better place
with learnt skills, experience and intuition.

Treska Botha
Head of Nursing

What I want people to know about me the most
I am an instrument of hope and joy. That I care and will walk the extra mile and do what it takes
to help someone in need. That my mantra is honesty, authenticity, transparency and truth.

What defines me
My inner compass of Spirit and Legacy. My journey thus far of love and experience, molded by
a perfect soulmate and mentor, three daughters who fly strongly wherever they wish and the
unstoppable river of compassion and healing that flows through me.

What distinguishes me
My authenticity and ongoing quest for teach-ability. My divinely inspired, intuitive intelligence
and integrity for the benefit of my fellow man.

Why I am a healer
I was gifted with the talent of discernment and to make people feel safe and valued. And then
to apply my inborn intuition, learnt skills and experience. I am a healer because it flows from

The role I play
As the Head Nurse, I am the pivotal facilitator between the patient, the doctors and the rest of
the therapeutic team. I am the patients’ advocate and do whatever it takes to provide the very
best for the patient’s needs on all levels (i.e. physical, emotional, spiritual and mental).

Practicing modalities
I practice the wholesome approach to healing. The nursing models for practice and the current,
integrative nursing approaches, provide a unique and discipline-specific view of care, distinct
from the care of other health professionals, yet complimentary to the approach of the
allopathic, integrative, psychological and chiropractic practiotioners.

How does this benefit our medical team?
Communication and facilitation accounts for a significant portion of the nurse’s duties. I
communicate with management, medical colleagues, housekeeping, admin and absorb
questions or address concerns brought by patients or their family members.

How does this benefit our patients?
Every day, nurses are responsible for the health and general well-being of their patients,
whether it be direct care, providing information on a variety of health and wellness issues or
referring patients to designated departments of the Healing journey. To ensure continuity of
patient care, the nurse works together with the whole team to achieve shared goals. This
cohesive team works diligently to promote patient health, safety, healing and recovery.

My academic qualifications
  Baccalaureus Degree in Nursing (B Cur.)
  Registered as Professional Practitioner, qualified Midwife, Psychiatric Nurse
  Post graduate Diploma in Community Health.

I qualified at The University of Pretoria and trained at the HF Verwoerd Hospital, Pretoria.

This cohesive team works diligently to
promote patient health, safety, healing
and recovery.

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