Empowering you to take ownership of your health and healing journey…

Renier Cronje

Our healing coach, Renier Cronje, facilitates the practical transition process where you decide
how you are going to apply and integrate healthy living principles together with your medical
practitioner’s guidelines.

Like a greenhouse provides a healthy context for the growth of a plant, the coaching space
provides a safe and healthy context where you can stay focused, inspired and on track with
consciously creating optimum conditions for your health and well-being to flourish.


Deliberately decide and implement healthy choices within the context of your life:

  Healthy eating, drinking, thinking, resting, breathing & moving
•  Positively shift negative thinking and feelings patterns
•  Focus on what is essential in the context of your life
  Keep your awareness and energy on what you can control
  Connect to your inner wisdom and discernment
  Create clarity
  Act courageously
  Manage challenges in your close relationships
•  Create/maintain healthy boundaries
  Nurture and value yourself
  Prioritise and simplify your life
  Connect to hope, trust, and inspiration
•  Increase your self-awareness / enhance your spiritual growth

Our goal is to provide the world’s leading innovative
treatments in order to ensure the best possible
outcomes for our patients and their families.

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