“The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body
and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be seperated.”
– Plato –

Marita Van Der Riet
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Marita Van Der Riet, practices psycho-dynamic psychotherapy and works with
individuals, couples and families. She has a special interest in Jungian therapy. She also does
psycho-therapeutic interviews to assess the person’s suitability and readiness to enter into
our holistic healing program and to help our medical team to prioritise the healing modality
most suitable for each individual.

To express suppressed emotions we need to feel safe and secure.
Marita cares for our patients deeply and creates a non-judgmental, safe space for them to
experience trust. This containment greatly assists them to make the right decisions and to
commit to their healing process.

Marita also holds a degree in nursing and is a trained Biodanza teacher. She holds diplomas
and qualifications in Psycho-analytic psychotherapy, Infant Observation and Psycho-analytic
Couple Psychotherapy.

Lisa Jeannes
Clinical Psychologist

Our part time clinical psychologist, Dr. Lisa Jeannes, practices insight-oriented therapy within
a psychodynamic paradigm. She pledges an absolute commitment to her patients, that she
will always try and understand what they bring – with compassion and without judgement –
using intuitive and intellectual reasoning, to generate useful insights and to provide a healing

Lisa ensures that her professional development is ongoing. She has acquired certifications in
psychoanalytic couple therapy and psychoanalytic group therapy.

Our goal is to lovingly provide our patients
and their care-givers with the customized ,
transparent support program that meets their
needs and enables them to cope with their
situation during our treatment and beyond.

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