Optimal health begins with optimum nutrition. Personalised nutritional and dietary recommendations are
always incorporated to support all our interventions and form an integral part of of one’s healing journey.

Dr. Kevin Lentin
Holistic Chiropractor & Nutritionist

Dr. Kevin Lentin, Integrative Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Specialist, has been in private
practice for 35 years and during that time has focused on three specific areas, that he refers to as
the ‘Triad of Health’, in order to offer patients a more integrated and holistic approach to realising
their optimum potential.

The foundation of the triad is formed by the neuro-musculo-skeletal systems, and is addressed and
managed by the various chiropractic techniques he uses, allowing him to manage patients of all
ages, from infants through to the elderly. Gentle spinal joint mobilisation, soft tissue tissue massage
and myo-fascial release, all help to facilitate neurological communication, boosting the immune
system, relaxing muscles, promoting circulation and encouraging the bodies innate healing potential.

The second supporting arm of the triad focusses on the nutritional, biochemical and lifestyle
components, that play a crucial role in promoting optimum cellular communication. Our cells all
’talk’ to each other using hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes and thousands of other chemicals
as their specific ‘language’, to ensure optimum communication and therefore cellular health. As a
Functional Medicine specialist, using the principles of systems biology, to interpret variants and
interferences in these cellular communication pathways, he empowers patients with therapeutic
lifestyle interventions, targeted supplementation, dietary and clinical nutrition to improve, enhance
and encourage optimum cellular defence.

The third supporting arm of the triad is understanding and interpreting the role and extent that
one’s emotions, stresses and programming may be playing in affecting, and influencing, both the
neuro-musculo-skelatal and biochemical systems.

Working as a member of the clinical team at the Hummingbird Healing Centre, Kevin is able to offer
primary chiropractic care both for the diagnosis, treatment and management of typical
neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions as well as additional support in recommending tailored and
individualised therapeutic lifestyle interventions to promote and enhance cellular communication,
boost immune function and support patients on their individual healing journeys.

Our goal is to effectively empower and support
you to consciously create and implement a healthy
lifestyle. Taking ownership of your healing journey
is essential for supporting your body’s innate
capacity to heal itself.

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