We gently and lovingly hold the hands and hearts of our patients and their families.

Our integrative medical team practice trusted protocols and procedures that are supervised by a well-established,
highly credible medical board.
Through on-going, intensive research, we ensure we stay at the forefront of healing therapies and modalities.

Our goal is to have the latest and best suite of products
and services to meet our patients medical needs.

Above all else, we always put our patients first.
Our support team carefully manage each patient’s treatment seamlessly through our multi-disciplinary service and ensure
they always have peace of mind (and heart).
By combining ancient wisdom with leading, innovative treatments and loving care, it is our vision to reshape the future of
healing, medicine and support for the betterment of all patients and their families.

We understand that dealing with independent doctors in different locations can be stressful and time consuming, that’s why we provide our patients with direct access to a highly specialised, integrative team of health care practitioners who practice various essential therapies at a single location under one roof.

Our individualised treatment programs combines functional medicine with holistic healing modalities, supported by natural products, researched herbal isolates, immune-enhancing therapies, and the most advanced technologies available.

Our advanced diagnostics allow us to utilise information from radiological imaging, comprehensive laboratory testing, DNA analysis, blood analysis and other alternative assessment methods.

We continuously select the most individualised practical intervention to assist your body’s physiological recovery responses. Each medication is carefully chosen to address our patient’s individual needs in order to optimise efficacy and ensure maximum effectiveness.

Our “patients first” ethos
is the guiding principle by which we run
our healing centre

©Hummingbird Healing Centre, South Africa.

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